Project Three: Residential Care

(First Engagement:   November 2005 through January 2006)

Scope of Work:   Resource Development Audit

  1. Data Collection & Interviews with Staff & Board: Review  documents, systems, donor relations, policies and procedures, data integrity, etc.
  2. Assessments
  3. Recommendations
  4. Plan with recommended changes, priority initiatives, timeline, budget, staff structure
  5. Present plan to board


  1. On-going staffing recommendations
  2. Development Plan that includes:  numeric effectiveness ratings and SWOT model descriptions of each component; recommendations for administrative and board actions, with outcome measures or targets for recommended actions; estimates of resource needs, costs, and time required for the recommended actions; priority assignments and sequence based on urgency.

(Second Engagement:  October 2006 through Sept. 2007)

Scope of Work

Develop and train the Resource Development staff to become a cross-functional team committed to a donor-center approach to fundraising that builds meaningful relationships over time, operates consistently and ethically, accomplishes its goals, and responds to opportunities appropriately and with agility.

  1. Ten Training Seminars for the entire Development Office staff
  2. With the staff, develop a Development Office Handbook based on the Training Seminars
  3. Monthly Prospect Review Meetings with senior staff and the Board Committee
  4. Support for Major Gift Cultivation and Solicitations


  1. Ten Training Seminars for staff and Board members with outlines and handouts
  2. A Development Office Handbook covering all primary office functions
  3. Identified “Ten Measures of LCF Fundraising Performance” with a timeline, benchmark targets, and report template
  4. Ten Prospect Review meetings
  5. Ten monthly “hot lists” of top prospects, with “next steps” for each prospect
  6. Major gifts staffing support for five top prospects, and accompany five personal calls