Project One: Housing Services

(First Engagement:   July 2007 through October 2007)

Scope of Work:   Development Office Audit

  1. Assessment of current development staff, structure, annual plan, and strategies
  2. Recommendations for a strategic plan to achieve fundraising goals
  3. Development of a set of benchmarks/metrics for the Executive Director and Board to measure progress and success of the plan


  1. Staff training on fundamentals of fundraising
  2. Analyze donor records, prospect screening, research
  3. One-on-one planning with staff to write Corp/Foundation and Major Donor Plans
  4. Realignment of staff responsibilities
  5. Board training


  1. Preliminary Assessment
  2. Major Gifts Plan
  3. Corporation/Foundation Plan
  4. Assessment & Plans to Board

(Second Engagement:  June 2009 through December 2009)

Scope of Work:   Development Office Review and Interim Management

  1. Staffing:  Assessment of responsibilities and skills with possible reassignments
  2. Planning:  Develop FY10 Development Office Annual Plan, including goals & measures
  3. Major Gifts Program:  Create and implement a Major Gifts plan for FY10.
  4. Staff Management:   Interim supervision of Development Office and development functions.
  5. 25th Anniversary:  Assist in planning the 2010 year-long 25th Anniversary celebration.
  6. Staff Sourcing:   Assist in designing new office structure and hiring staff


  1. Staff assessment with recommendations for reallocating responsibilities
  2. Departmental & Individual FY10 Annual Plans with goals and time lines
  3. Review of major prospects and Board rating & screening sessions; Board training on role of Board in fundraising; Major donor assignments to Board & staff  with individual coaching
  4. Weekly management meetings, mentoring, and teaching sessions for Development Office staff
  5. Scope of Work and funding strategy for 25th Anniversary public relations initiative
  6. Job description,  interviewing, performance expectations for new Major Gifts Officer
  7. Revised templates for reporting to Board