Sara Segal Loevy DrPH

Sara Segal Loevy is a highly experienced project manager, writer, and facilitator known for well-organized, well-designed consulting engagements that finish on time and on budget.

She has a talent for identifying fundamental questions, collecting and analyzing pertinent data, drawing inferences to shape strategy and action plans, and converting complex analyses into simple, direct language.  Her work is informed by her intimate knowledge of foundations, the heath field, the Jewish community, and her success in helping community-based organizations focus on planning, evaluation and assessment.

Sara founded The Loevy Consulting Group in 1989 after fifteen years in academia, hospital administration, and research directing large-scale federal studies.  She holds a doctorate in Public Health (Dr.P.H.) from the University of Illinois at Chicago with concentrations in biometry, epidemiology, and health care services research.

From the early years of consulting, Sara has specialized in both quantitative and qualitative research on projects that involve:

  • Designing and executing program evaluations
  • Developing, fielding, and analyzing surveys and focus groups
  • Creating membership databases
  • Identifying labor-force issues such as projecting physician specialty needs and assessing the effects of affirmative action programs
  • Assessing community needs for health and mental-health services

In recent years, the scope of her work has broadened to include:

  • Facilitating strategic planning and organizational development
  • Managing annual and capital fundraising campaigns
  • Designing and evaluating proactive grant programs for major Chicago foundations
  • Advising organizations concerned with the public system of health care for the uninsured and the publicly insured in the Chicago area
  • Conducting process analyses of public-private collaborations
  • Reviewing proposals in the health field for major Chicago foundations
  • Teaching seminars on evaluation and logic models